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Chapter 2 - Wanna Hate You by Dua Fatima

 Wanna Hate You

Chapter 2

Asim rubbed his bleary eyes, making his way over to the window. He peered out, his heart skipped a beat as he laid eyes on the woman of his heart.  She was walking on the lawn.

Asim was completely captivated, unable to take his eyes off her. After a few moments, he found the courage to step outside, making his way over to her.

"Hello there," she turned to him

"Hello," hijab replied, her tone formal and reserved. 

"What are you studying?" he asked, trying to keep the conversation light and friendly.

"I am studying journalism." She said briefly. Asim looked around, thinking about her behavior. 

"Do you want anything?" Hijab asked in courtesy.

"Can you give me what I want?" He looked into her eyes. 

"Excuse me." 

"Nevermind." He waved his hand, sighed 

"I want a companion to talk to for a while. " 

"I can give you my company." She smiled and made him smile too. They sat on the chairs before each other. 

"You have definitely completed your studies." 

"Yes. I studied business."

"So you came here to set up your business?"

"Yes but there is another reason. " his eyes were still on her beautiful face. 

"What? " She asked, then smiled. 

"I got it. You came here to search for eastern beauty. Didn't you?" She was talking to him frankly now. 

"Yes. " He smiled. 

"There are a lot of beautiful women. My own university is full of beauty. If you want my help, don't hesitate to ask. " his smile faded. She was not compelled by him, that's why she was giving him that offer. 

"I have selected someone for me " he looked away. 

"Oh really? Who is she?" She asked curiously. He stared at her for a moment. There was something strange in them that captivated her. She couldn't avert her eyes. 

"What's up guys" liana's voice broke the stillness between them and they came to their senses. 

"Oh, I am feeling hungry. I should go now. " She shot an offended look at Liana, got up, and walked inside. They had a fight at noon. Liana snorted at her sister and sat before him. He was looking at the spot where she disappeared. 

" I think you are busy. I disturbed you," Liana said sarcastically.

"Oh no. There's nothing like that" Aasim was embarrassed.

"Do you like her? " She asked suddenly. His heart skipped a beat. 

"If I say yes?" Aasim raised his eyebrows. Liana felt a needle piercing her heart. She liked that man at first sight but he didn't like her. He liked her sister. 

"Then best of luck," Liana said, controlling her facial expressions. 

"Thank you." Aasim smiled 

"Did you tell her that?" Liana asked.

" not yet." 

"Hey, tell her as soon as possible. How long are you gonna hide it? When will she start liking someone else?" Liana provoked him. Aasim felt severe anxiety. He couldn't bear that. He had to tell Hijab as soon as possible how much he loved her. Hijab had to be his no matter what.

… … … …

Everyone was at the dining table. Mr. Rafey and his wife Maira welcomed him affectionately. It was no secret that Rafey had a special fondness for Asim, having formed a close bond with him during his childhood. As they sat down to enjoy a meal together, Rafey couldn't help but ask Asim about his future plans.. 

"What kind of business do you want to start?" Mr. Rafey asked him while eating. 

"I want to start a housing scheme here. But dad said I am naive in business yet. So I have to do a job to get experience." Mr. Rafey's eyes narrowed thoughtfully before he cast a glance toward Maira. Her facial expressions showed uneasiness. 

"That's not a problem. I have full faith in you, and I know that with the right guidance and support, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And who better to provide that guidance than my very own wife, the successful businesswoman, Maira?"

Maira, who had been quiet until now, forced a smile and nodded in agreement.

"I will appreciate your help." He said as if he was so pleased. Zain and hijab were busy eating while Liana was studying her mother's face. 


Zain entered Wanizey's quietly. His gaze fell on her and refused to move back. She was looking cute, sleeping on the bed. She had a golden skin tone and her face was so beautiful. She was the daughter of a cook in the white villa and had been living in its annex with her father since her childhood. Zain never missed a chance to tease her. He liked her angry face. But at that time her innocence captured him. He slowly walked towards wanizay, stared at her face, her neck and her chest. He looked away as she took a turn in her sleep, ran a hand through his hair then picked up the alarm clock from the side table. Her exams were over. She slept a lot these days and was not using an alarm clock. But Zain wanted her to use it today. He set the alarm, placed it near wanizay’s ear, hid behind the curtain. A half minute later, the alarm began to beep loudly, 

It disturbed wanizay's restful sleep. She woke up with a jerk. Zain could barely stop his laughter. She looked scared for a while, then her sight caught the alarm clock. She took a deep breath putting her hand on her chest. 

"Who placed it here?" She thought, turning off the alarm. Then shrank her eyebrows.

"Oh no. Zain." She gritted her teeth. Her face was red with anger.  

 "Did you call me?" Zain came out from behind the curtain and stood in front of her. Wanizay glared at him in anger.

 "Zain. Don't you have manners? you should not come into my room without my  permission ." She Grumbled.

 "I know you will never allow me so I came on my own," Zain said shamelessly and sat before her with a smile. 

"Idiot. Get out of my room." She fumed at his smile. 

 "Why are you always angry at me? " Zain asked innocently.

"I don't want to answer your silly questions. Go away" She was annoyed. 

"How rude are you! I consider you my friend, but you always talk to me as if I am your enemy. " He said with a long face. 

"You are not less than an enemy."

"That's not fair. " He complained. 

 "Will you go by yourself or otherwise I will have to kick you out from here." She said angrily. he sighed and stood up. 

" ok. Just come to my college. I have so many plans to tease you there" he told her, making her anxious. He was studying at a medical college and Wanizay also wanted to get into a medical college. 

"I will not get admission to your college." She replied.

"Let's see," he said, turned but stopped. 

"Ah… I forgot to tell you. " He returned to her. 

"You were looking beautiful in your sleep " he moved his gaze all over her body, making her blush with shame and anger. 

"You Prevert!" She yelled, covering her chest in her dupatta. He ran outside laughing. She was a shy girl and Zain often used it to tease her, without knowing how he affected her heart by doing so. She cursed him, feeling the rise of her heartbeats. 

… … … … 

Chapter 3

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