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The Moon's star - A series novel by Dua Fatima

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Comedy & Romance

A cute love story - This is the best novel to read in english contains a modern love story. the categories of this novel are Romantic, comedy, action, fiction, suspense, thrill, family, sitcom, funny, love story.


The Moon's star - Series Book 1. A cute love story with comedy (Kindle Edition). This is the story of a 20-year-old boy named “Moon” who is a coward. He loves his cousin “Star” who is two years older than him. Star is a strict, rude, and unromantic girl. moon is afraid to express his feelings in front of her. Then how will he get his love? Will he always be weak? Or at the end of the story, he will change completely. The novel is based on comedy and romance. You will also enjoy a little bit of action and suspense. Buy it for $2.99 or read free in kindle unlimited.
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